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"This spontaneous emergence of order at critical points of instability is one of the most important concepts of the new understanding of life" F. Capra

Detail of Services

NeoArchitects offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring your architectural vision to life. From innovative architectural design and sustainable landscape planning to detailed budgeting, structural and electromechanical engineering, and efficient project management, our expert team ensures every aspect of your project is meticulously handled. We also provide legal advice, project financing, and environmental assessments to guarantee a seamless and successful development process.

Architect at Work

Architectural Design

NeoArchitects provides innovative and customized architectural design services, ensuring each project is tailored to meet the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients. Our designs blend functionality with creativity, resulting in structures that are both beautiful and practical. We incorporate sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology to create spaces that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

landscape design Costa Rica

Landscape Design

Our landscape design services transform outdoor spaces into harmonious extensions of our architectural projects. We focus on creating visually appealing, sustainable landscapes that enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings while providing functional outdoor living areas. Our designs incorporate native plants and environmentally conscious techniques to promote biodiversity and sustainability.

Master plan Costa Rica

Master Planning

NeoArchitects offers comprehensive master planning services for large-scale developments, ensuring cohesive and well-organized layouts that maximize land use and infrastructure efficiency. Our master plans consider long-term growth, environmental impact, and community needs, creating sustainable and livable environments.

Estructural design

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering services ensure the stability and safety of our architectural designs. We utilize advanced engineering techniques and materials to develop robust structural solutions that withstand environmental and usage demands. Our team collaborates closely with architects and builders to integrate structural integrity seamlessly into the overall design.

electrical design

Electromechanical Engineering

NeoArchitects provides electromechanical engineering services to design and implement efficient electrical and mechanical systems within our projects. We focus on creating systems that enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure the comfort and safety of building occupants. Our expertise includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and renewable energy systems.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Detailed Budget & Timeline

We offer detailed budgeting and timeline services to provide our clients with accurate cost estimates and project schedules. Our thorough planning ensures that projects stay within budget and are completed on time. We provide transparent and comprehensive financial planning to support informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Image by Becca Tapert


Our design-build services streamline the construction process by integrating design and construction into a single, cohesive workflow. This approach allows for better communication, faster project completion, and cost savings. We take full responsibility for the entire project, from initial concept to final construction, ensuring high-quality results and client satisfaction.

Image by shraga kopstein

Project Inspection

NeoArchitects offers project inspection services to ensure that construction meets design specifications, building codes, and quality standards. Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough evaluations at various stages of construction, identifying and addressing any issues promptly to maintain project integrity and timelines.

Image by ThisisEngineering

Soil and Topography Analysis

We conduct comprehensive soil and topography analysis to inform our design and construction processes. Understanding the site's geological and topographical characteristics allows us to develop appropriate foundation solutions, manage drainage, and optimize land use, ensuring the long-term stability and success of our projects.

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Complementary Legal Advice

We offer complementary legal advice to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of architectural projects. Our legal experts provide guidance on zoning laws, building codes, permits, and contracts, ensuring that our projects comply with all legal requirements and mitigate any potential legal risks.


Real Estate Development

Real estate development in Costa Rica is thriving, driven by its stunning landscapes and favorable climate. Investors are drawn to eco-friendly projects, luxury resorts, and residential properties that blend modern design with natural beauty. Sustainable practices and a stable economy make Costa Rica an attractive destination for real estate investment.

Image by Radission US

Project Financing

We assist clients in securing project financing by providing detailed financial plans and connecting them with potential funding sources. Our expertise in project financing ensures that clients have access to the necessary capital to bring their projects to fruition, with financial strategies tailored to each project's unique needs and goals.

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