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mirabile v house

Miravile V is an exercise in simplicity , the clients wanted a minimalist experience in the tropics, a high contrast between the define perfection of glass and polished surfaces against the wild jungle around.


The location is a plateau 200 meters above sea level, from here the house have wide open scenario to the ocean, we decided to have a free opening of 11 meters wide, using a moving glass system, so must of the time is an open space flowing to the views.


The bedrooms are located on the edge of a slope, locating them on the same height as the tree canopy , so it gives you the tree house experience on your own domain.

The access to the house was designed to leave the cars behind, you walk amongst the trees and finally arrive to a rock garden, once there the succession of walls do not allow you to see the view completely, just in small hints in vertical windows, like spying the ocean, then you arrive to the door space,compressing you into a white capsule to finally explode into a 270 degrees open view and open plan.

Uvita, Costa Rica
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