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"We selected NeoArchitects for the great Design skills and sensitivity and construction management skills. NeoArchitects's team exceeded our expectations, and emerged as leaders of our project’s multi-layered team.


The challenges of our project that NeoArchitects inherited were significant, and yet they were able to not only manage the project successfully and efficiently, but also with great success with regards to the design, permitting, and building a team of the best in their industries.  Including: obtaining a challenging permit in a few months instead of years as quoted by others; generating and developing inspired, rigorous and informed design; and superb project management.


NeoArchitects became our trusted single point of contact. Living overseas also limited our availability for the project. NeoArchitects compensated for this by preparing methodically for our infrequent visits  - their presentations were thorough, efficient, with all consultants as needed, questions anticipated, and team members coordinated.  They also worked with us as we made significant changes in the construction team, and their commitment and attention to detail allowed us to do so seamlessly. 


NeoArchitects's team are a pleasure to work with - professional, constructive, creative, solutions-oriented, hard working and effective. We give them our highest recommendation." 

A. Lonhorn

 Costa Rica architects

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Neo Architects

Our name, Neo, suggests a new architecture based on the principle of innovation and the respect for timeless elements of design, always contemporary beyond make up of the structures, a depurated architecture is always successfully delivered.  


For 23 years Costa Rican Architects Neo Architects focuses on the best integration between people, buildings and its environment.


With Projects in Costa Rica, USA, Finland, Switzerland , New Zealand and the mediterranean riviera NEO push the limits of design.

Our Studio introduced in 2010 the concept of Open Source Architecture , creating knowledge as an open data base with a work force using a virtual hub from places ranging from Pakistan, Europe and the Americas.

Therefore, sustainable ecological research is the base to our design, We want our clients to feel  harmony and comfort without forgetting the importance of our environment.

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"Our aim is to invent detailed spaces that are intimately connected to their surroundings and promote a harmonious lifestyle with nature."   B. Mendieta


How we Can

Help You


Neo Architects offers the following services:


• Architectural Design

• Landscape Design

• Master Planing

• Structural Engineering

• Electromechanical Engineering

• Detail budget & Time line
• Design-Build
• Projects Inspection

• Integrated work force in collaboration with the   top professional .

• Soil and Topography Analysis.

• Biological Assessments

• Graphic Design and Marketing

• Complementary Legal advice

• Project Development

• Project Financing

Neo Architects focuses on the best integration between people, buildings and its environment. 


Constant research and innovation  of  sustainable  design methods have granted us leadership in Sustainability locally and internationally.


Neo Architects operation is Co2 Neutral as the result of the creation of 110 hectares Rain Forest Reserve in Osa Peninsula removing 704 tons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

Our work ethics is centered  around  the use of  resources and technologies that will minimize the  negative ecological footprints of our creations. This is supported by an  extensive, integrated analysis of the projected building´s life cycle. 


We favour the  use of  renewable energy  sources, recycled materials,  energy- saving  construction methods  and bioclimatic designs. 

Neo Architects  embraces  the  challenge of creating  visionary designs to meet the highest standards and generate  positive and
sustainable effects on  the surrounding environment

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