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& vision

"The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness. " Joan Miró

Neo Architects  focuses on creating an  integrated, whole-building design that  connects people to the  environment.  Constant research
 and innovation  of  sustainable  design methods have granted us leadership in the industry.
Our work ethics is centered  around  the use of  resources and technologies that will minimize the  negative ecological footprints of our
creations. This is supported by an  extensive, integrated analysis of the projected building´s life cycle.  We favour the  use of  renewable
energy  sources, recycled materials,  energy- saving  construction methods,  and bioclimatic designs. 
 NEO Architects  embraces  the  challenge of creating  visionary designs to meet the highest standards and generate  positive and
sustainable effects on  the surrounding environment


Encourage self realization and constant Innovation. 

By  establishing  a dynamic work  environment  powered by cutting edge technology,

flexible structures, and team oriented work we aim to motivate our designers to develop innovative  ideas.

Open access is provided  to research and information regarding the latest tendencies in architecture and construction  as a means to inspire creative and efficient design solutions.



The experience of NEO Architects in working with Costa Rica´s peculiar terrains and land conditions is complemented with the use innovative contemporary designs to create personalized atmospheres that maximize the advantages of each distinct property. By establishing strong reliable and communicative relationships with our customers we are able to work as a team that delivers results and satisfaction.

Neo is committed to providing the customer with precise, updated information regarding development procedures of property in Costa Rica. According the properties soil characteristics, location , and natural ecosystems, we advise on the best design strategy , construction materials and building systems as well as legal permits and requirements of lots necessary prior to construction.

We employ updated information from research to optimize the creation of the project and maximize the advantages for our clients. Neo offers additional services such as graphic design for a project´s web page, professional photography of lots, real estate agency
services, and more.



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