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selected Built Projects List

- Adams Cabin

Located in Adams Mountain ,conceptualized

 as a retreat for a business man.


- Allen Apartaments

The project is located in a commercial zone

 near the University of Costa Rica.


- Andrews Residence

The dwelling is divided then in 4 levels, where

the garage, pool house and pool are located at the access street level.


- Bertalan Residence

The desire of the client was to live in a 2nd level

to maximize the view and its privacy.


- Camaronal  Residence

The dwelling is composed of an access level which has the pool, kitchen, dining room, room.


- Cedric Residence

The Becker House is located in Rancho Lagunas, a mountain development with view towards the beaches of the area between Dominical and Matapalo.


- Chevere Store

It's located at Downtown Heredia, just in front of one of the main commercial streets. The idea was to give the store not only a new physical.


-Coral del Mar

Condominium Project located in Pavones beach, mix of Tropical style with timeless elements of local architecture.


- Cristal House

One of the most challenging structures in our pacific coast,

Builded in a cliff, Cristal House is the ideal summer home.


- Del Voca Vista Tower

Apartament tower located in front of sabana park, consist of Two luxurios apartaments in each floor.


- Ayacucho Home 1

A Spanish colonial revival home, transgressed by a clean floor Plan and open air ventilation.



- Diaz’s House Extention

Great conceptualization of functionality and use of matetrials, Providing the house of a new contemporary flair.



- Dominical weekend Cottage

The strategy given by the client was to have a low cost project to be built in about two months to move to it.



- Dos Tejanos House

Simple  and clean design based on the capitalization of

The main views.



- Escaleras Residence

A massive 12,000 sq f. home plan ,  nested in the top of Escaleras ridge, luxury and Drama were the main concept of the client.



- Esterillos Residence

Located in the heart of the pacific coast, taking advantage of the Majestic pacific ocean views.


- Fountainhead Residence

This project was conceptualized by the clients, based on their


- Golfito  Gym

This project consist on the remodeling of the

 Carlos Manuel Vicente High School gymnasium, located in Golfito, at the South Pacific cost of Costa Rica



- Guadalupe Apartaments

The project is located in the Guadalupe crowded urban area, and it's planed to be developing in different stages..



- Hladick Residence

Another small cottage home for a single journalist, located in Potrero  Beach.



- Iron Bark Residence

Located in the mountains of Potrero Beach, Iron Bark is a Contemporary Australia style house,.



- Koss Residence

The design is a tropical abstraction of the life in the forest, warm, clean lines and expressive materials trive in the jungle.



- Los Cielos Residence

This project is located in Manuel Antonio. The property already had a rental house, so the project was planned to be to the side of it.



- Mendez Workshop

Located in the southern town of  Golfito, was basicly made in order to simplify the construction process.



- Mirabile Residence

The Mirabile Visu house is located just in front of the magnificent Ballena Bay, in the Pacific Central coast.



- Miramar Condominium

A design of asian influence with a Tico twist, incredible views , low density and an perfect landscape.



- Montilla Residence

Nested in the forest Between San Isidro and Dominical, Montilla house is a good excersize in terms of eco friendly design.



- Ayacucho Residence 2

Located in Dominical, this house have one of the most Dramatic views in the area, open plan and lots of windows, Let the owners enjoy of the views.



- Nios Residence

To take advantage of each one the levels we distributed all the requirements of the project, beginning with the highest level.



- Palmilla del  Mar

The project includes 34 condo units, marina, beach club, Tropical gardens and ocean in both sides of the lot.



- Parque de la Paz Extention

A saecon story added to a simple plan home, creating more Functional space  .



- Playa Hermosa House

The first home in the exclusive Palo Alto Neighborhood, light, open views,

Large terraces are mainly the concepts of the house.



- Potrero Apartaments

The project consist in two units of 3 floor apartaments, in front of Endless Beach

In Potrero.



- Powers Residence

An image of tropical paradise comes to the mind when you see the design, the best example of tropical style architecture.



- Rancho Cannatella

The project remake an old structure , transforming the conical center space

In a exclusive living area to enjoy of the ocean.



- Register Office CCCN

The new register office is located by the main stairway, at the main entrance level, which is a very busy place, full of constant activity.



- Reserva Residence

This house is located in Dominical , at Reserva 1 ;the house have 4 independent Suites, sharing the central living area, ideally for rentals.



- Ribel Residence

Located in Heredia, this house was selected to be in the Book , Contemporary Latinamerican homes, the opera Prima Neo Architects.



- San Francisco Residence

This house express the suburban flair of seclusion,Privacy, and discreet living.


- San Josecito Cottage

This house was built in a record time, using a steel frame structure, all the energy of the house is produced using photovoltaics , a house completely selfsufficent.



- San Rafael Residence

This mountain house, was design incorporating lots of wood  and stone,

In roder to warm up the internal environment.



- San Ana Residence

Stone and wood articulated in a magistral way, crates this house.



-Tiki Villas

A hedonistic resort located in Playa Hermosa of Dominical, a world class Restaurant space, and luxurious private villas .



- Tortuga Landing Residential Complex

Tortuga Landing is an exclusive residential complex of just 6 houses located in a Secondary Forest Area with direct private access to Para Beach.



- Valle Escondido Condominium

Valle Escondido (Hidden Valley) is located in the South Pacific cost of Costa Rica, right next to Manuel Antonio National's Park.



- Van Draanen Residence

A spectacular contemporary home in Manuel Antonio most exclusive residential complex., an Avant  Garde design .


- Ventanas del Mar Residence

Located in a considerable slope, this house was design in a eco- responsible way,

Using a steel frame structure in order to have the minimum foot print .



- Ballena House

A small residence located in the muntains of ballena, one floor with incredible views.



- Ballena Condominum

This project includes 32 condo units, club house, tropical pools, and hedonistic gardens.


- Yasihiki Residence

Contemporary House influenced by Japanese elements, located in san Josecito of uvita,

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