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Open Source Architecture

 NEO Architects actively supports Eco-Social Projects, since 2003 we have being working side by side with NGOs in Costa Rica, with a large variety of projects ranging from Womens Rights Groups , Childrens in Social risk, Support to schools in far away communities, donations of design / construction documents for low income families, and funding an NGO to protect the Ocean in the south of Costa Rica ( ).


Brunca Foundation Support Initiative : CRYPTOVILLA

 As part of our efforts to fund Brunca Foundation ( ) NEO Architects will give away the copyright of a project design; The project is a vacation Villa with two master bedrooms a large social area, pool, pool bar, studio, terrace and garage, the design and engineering of the Villa allow it to be built on any place within the Tropical zones, with seismic and wind loads design for any area.

The value of the design copyrights is $43,200 and we will give it away two times, one for the major donor and the second to be chosen in a random way among all the people donating to the cause. 


In order to participate we will use NEO as the token to participate  ( ) our choice was made for the level of trust, speed and overall superiority of the smart economy token, the minimum amount to participate is 2 NEOs and the time frame to participate ranges from today December 28th to January 15th 2018.


The winners will receive the written rights to reproduce the design once, a full set of plans and construction documents, technical specifications and the 3d imagery related to the project and must  important the satisfaction to be part of a great cause.



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Thanks, your support makes a diference!

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